Wifi Design

You deserve great wifi and Open Road Technology can help you get your wifi to go from “Why-Fi?” to “Great-Fi”!  At you home or business Open Road Technology can design an amazing wifi install specifically for you.

IT Network Monitoring

What is the use of an advanced IT system if it is not working? Open Road Technology can monitor your devices and internet connection remotly to ensure that it is all working, and alert you to issues before they become a real problem.

Web Design

At Open Road Technology we believe that your message and our design can deliver a web site that engages and enthrals your visitors, converting and keeping customers.

VoIP Migrations

Do you need to replace your aging phone system. We can help you move from the dusty phone system hangin on the wall to a cheaper internet based phone system with more features. 

Online Training

We understand how much information that you need to get across to your staff. From inductions to refresher courses. We can design a system to deliver online training courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Ad Blocking

Did you know that on the internet up to 10% of what  you download is adverts. You mute the ads on TV. You throw away junk mail. Open Road Technology can help block ads on the internet too.

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Featured Project

With the changes to the Health and Safety requirements for outdoor activities providers Finlay Park needed to ensure that the adults that supervise their activities are trained to supervise these activities. This has traditionally been staff walking round with the adults and explaining the activities.

Open Road Technologies developed an online training web site that gets sent to the camp organisers to distribute to their adult leaders before camp to complete the training.

This has Improved the overall consistency of the training and has shown to the camp organizers Finlay Parks ongoing commitment to health and safety and the adults enjoy the experience too. More Information…

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Featured Project - NZ Historic Places

There is large amounts of geo-located data locked up in organisations or displayed on a website that is not aware of its actual location in the world. The Historic Places NZ layar was a project aimed to make historic data available “in the real world”. a number of data sets were collected from different sourced and geocoded to provide each point of interest  with the longitude and latitude. These were then formatted and presented in Layar. This provides access to these data sets as an augmented reality layar through a cell phone. You can then see the historic points around you, by pointing your cell phone and seeing the data.

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How can Open Road Help you?

Open Road Technology specializes in making sure you get the best out of the technology that you have, or that technology that you need to succeed.

Open Road has a focus on providing solutions to non profit organisations from web sites, custom online tools or support with all your technology devices.

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